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Bill Allman: Vocals & Kazoo

Vocals, sound effects, and lead kazoo. Once lead singer, chief writer, and co-producer of "The Guess What?" parody band with Mike, Bill rates Spike Jones and "Weird Al" Yankovic as the greatest musical artists of the 20th century.

  Mike Sheard: Keyboards and Vocals

Keyboards, vocals, and songwriting are only some of Mikes many talents.  His long association with the police detained him during the band photo session.

Nina Clark: Vocals

Nina brings a lot of cowgirl charisma, curly hair and boundless good cheer to the band. She adds her distinctive vocal expression to a wide range of classic tunes and Blazing Saddles originals

Mike McCray: Guitars & Vocals

Lead electric and acoustic guitars and vocals. A veteran of numerous"rotten" little garage bands, Mike finally gained some credibility in 1985 as lead guitarist with Vancouver comedy band "The Guess What?" That band's recordings gained them exposure on commercial as well as college radio. Mike found country after a three-year stint in "Strange Bedfellows", and shows tremendous promise as a cowbow once he figures out which end to feed.

Gerhard Regier: Bass Guitar & Vocals

"Are ya feeling lucky?"

Gerry Reimer: Drums & Vocals

Chemist by day, singer/drummer by night (and weekend afternoons), Gerry provides BLAZING SADDLES with its backbone and groovy beats and also throws his cowboy hat into the ring with his smooth vocals

Linda Scratchley: Vocals & Merriment

Every band needs a lawyer, stand-up comic, and psychologist. Linda's vocals, energy and certifiably insane behaviour strongly suggest which role Dr. Linda plays!

Jim Poulin: Fiddle, Guitar & Vocals

Sherriff Jim brings lots of good 'ol country sound to BLAZING SADDLES.

Lindsay Ferguson: Saxophones

Every band needs a horn section, And Lindsay IS the horn section, playing soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones, and doubling on clarinet. He really has no idea why he hangs out with these bums, but the coffee's good.

Call Bill Allman: 778-688-1460 or Nina Clark: 604-341-9114 to book your dance, party, or special event.  Yee Haw!

Previous members of Blazing Saddles over the last fifteen years or so include:

Chris Boden (vocals and guitar), Bob Braganza (vocals & guitar), Kevin Clark (guitar and vocals) , Greg Dixon (drums), Donna Easton (vocals), Sylvia Fishleigh (vocals), Alan Jones (bass), Stuart McKenzie (bass & vocals), Rachel Nicol-Smith (vocals), and  Dan Richard (bass and vocals)

Special Guests include:

Larry Church (guitar), Doug Cuthbert (drums), Mark Follet (guitar), Robert Ford (guitar & vocals), and John Hall (keyboards)